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In The Mission you play as a spider bot that landed on a strange hostile planet. Your mission is to explore this unknown world. This is currently a demo build that contains a single level, it's about 15-20 minutes of gameplay.

Game Features:

  • Atmospheric physics-based platformer
  • Hand-drawn art
  • Creepy insect-like creatures (that's a feature, right ? :))
  • You play as a spider-bot!
  • Spider web that can be used to capture enemies or swing around
  • Large bad-ass boss with multiple stages
  • Dynamic liquids, swimming mechanics

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"Stylish Web-Slinging Spider Action Game with Horrifyingly Huge Creepy Crawly Bosses" - AlphaBetaGamer

"There are chainsaw-wielding winged monsters, moving blobs that will try to launch their spikes right at your fragile body and of course the final boss with its multiple stages" - Game Curator

"Close encounters of the creepy-crawly kind" - HeyPoorPlayer

"Crawl and swing your way around a dark, hostile world!" - GameJolt Featured Game


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Muy buen juego el enemigo final es muy dificil de vencer espero el juego completo

That was fun letsplay, Dragon100Gamer. I liked Benny Hill part the most :) I definitely should add a checkpoint to this boss fight :)

Cool game, shame i suck at it.

Cool letsplay! You actually almost did it :)

I cannot wait to see more, the demo is really fun!

Thanks! Cool letsplay :) I'm working on more stuff already :)

i came from the brazilian youtuber Felps, the demo looks amazing, good job on that, i can't support with money but, it is pretty good as what i've seen

Thanks :) Just checked out Felps's letsplay, man, that was fun! He sure suffered a lot, but in the end he did it :)

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Amazing game  !!!!!  I love the sound of her little paws when I walk ! 

Thanks, I'm really glad that you like the game ;)

thanks to you , i have doing small donation for your amazing game .

Cool, thanks for your support :) This means a whole lot to me!

It was fun, but tough!

Awesome letsplay, really enjoyed your reactions ;)

And for anyone on here who sees the video, please consider subscribing!

hello! the trailer looks amazing! would you consider uploading a MacBuild as well?

thnx :D

Hi, thanks! Unfortunately there's no Mac build at the moment

Oh! shame :( . I'll try to find a PC to try it out! Thanks for responding! 

Needs a little more polish, and I wish I could see the Boss's life bar. Also, he's quite the challenge to defeat. Overall, pretty cool game.

Thanks! Cool letsplay! Yeah, the boss is quite a challenge, but that's intentional, m.b. I should add a checkpoint in this boss fight...

Really unique game. Absolutely love it. Art style is amazing and so is the physics and combat.

Thanks :)

I really want to see an extendet version of this, the art style is amazing!!

Me too :)

Good game so far, the first level was shocking, look forward t playing the rest let me know how it goes.  I also recommend the Indiexpo.net website for your game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks, man. Awesome letsplay!